I don’t know what I’m doing here

Welcome, thank you for joining me at Descent into Dadness!

Though I don’t quite know what we’re doing here, yet.

I recently embarked on a six-week parental leave to spend time with my delightful almost 9-month-old, who we’ll call Egg, and this seemed like the ideal time to start recording my thoughts on fatherhood. But why? Well, I’m working on it. While the call to start writing rings clearly in my mind, clarity on what exactly I have to contribute to the internets remains elusive. The reason we’re starting now is that I have the time, and I assume that since the call itself is clear, the clarity will follow once we get rolling.

To get started, some important info on my family and the subjects I am interested in:

  • I’m Mike. My beautiful partner Natalie and I live with Egg, our Labrador-mutt Deedee and fierce feline Ninja. We make our home in Toronto, which we love for its vibrancy, variety and much more. But not the traffic. We definitely do not love the traffic.
  • There was an awful lot of pain in our lives before Egg came to us, and which still resides with us. I’ll provide much more info on that soon.
  •  I’m not a “stay at home dad,” but my full-time, corporate profession happens to be mostly based at home, which means I get to spend much more time than most working dads close to my loved ones. I look forward to keeping a record of our growth as a family and some of the adventures we will go on together.
  • I believe strongly that all traditional gender roles are antiquated, and I have every intention of being as involved, sensitive and communicative as I can  be throughout my son’s life. Having said that, I don’t feel any urgent need to stake out ground in the “dads can be caring and nurturing, too” debate. I suppose it’s because in the circles I run in the debate has long been settled.
  • Our family values the fair and equal treatment of all the world’s people, from our next-door neighbours who may be a little bit different to our far-away neighbours who can be very different. Environmental stewardship, physical fitness and a diet based as much as possible on natural, organic food are other values we try to live by every day. There are other values too…but these are the first that come to mind.
  • I’m very interested in politics, pop culture and the news in general. I hope to share some interesting stories from those fields as they relate to family living.
    • While I don’t consider my geek cred to be super high, if you start talking to me about A Song of Ice and Fire or Star Wars, well….that’s a whole other blog.
  • I believe in magic and that it should be cultivated or pursued as often as possible, particularly when children are around.
  • Parenting advice, tips and tricks? I don’t know what I’m doing here. Frankly I’ve really been winging it. But once in a while I may choose to share something that has worked well for us.

Why “Descent into Dadness”? Well for starters a lot of the other good “mad, bad, rad” puns were already taken. I feel like I have a pretty good grip on my sanity right now (two months ago when it was rare to get 2 consecutive hours of sleep in our house seems blessedly long ways away). But aside from madness, badness, radness (?), Dadness is it’s own thing – isn’t it? And while yes we do rise to the occasion, we also descend. Down to the floor or the grass to roll around and play. To the level of farm animals or Great Depression hobos, with shit on our hands and puke-stains on our clothes. Descend from the realm of pride to the realm of unconditional love.

Maybe that’s mostly what I want to write about. The descent.


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