Spring Forward

Spring Forward

It seems like just a couple of weeks ago that I wrote about looking back on 2015. I ended that post with three new year’s resolutions that at the time seemed pretty conservative and attainable…hoo boy. Check your calendars, gang: 2016 is 25% in the books…how have those resolutions been working out for you? For my part, I’m just as easily distracted by mobile nonsense as I was last year, have been writing less frequently than I was in the fall or early winter and I continue to be as much of an isolated hermit as ever.

I don’t mean to dwell; I say this just to illustrate how time flies by and sometimes good intentions blow away in the jet stream. Despite my failed resolutions, things are going pretty well right now and as the days keep getting longer I find I have much to be grateful for. Here is what’s got me feeling good instead of having stuck with those resolutions:

In lieu of more writing, more health

Yeah, this is my weakest point so I’m getting it out of the way first. It’s a weak point because I know that I should be able to have both of these things, but with a very finite amount of work-free and baby-free time available to me I’m satisfied that I at least have been able to keep my health and fitness on track.

For the first time since moving to this house 2 1/2 years ago I’ve started taking martial arts classes again; it feels really good to feel strong. I’ve also been getting at least one run in per week and the munchkin seems to enjoy cruising along in his speedster stroller, so that might become a regular thing. Last week we visited the beautiful farm that will supply much of our delicious, healthy produce from the summer and once things warm up just a bit more we can get our home garden underway.

Again, while all this stuff is good and fine I know it’s not an excuse or justification for not making the time for writing, which is just another kind of exercise. But one thing at a time: sound body, then sound mind, then good, free-flowing writing. Yes?

In lieu of more friends, more community

I had hoped to start the new year off with a habit of finding more time to get away from the house and spend with the good people in my life. This one came half-true: while I still see the friends I had in mind about as often as I did before, I’m discovering the good people I’m already surrounded by and spending more time with them instead.

We have fantastic, cool, fun neighbours to spend time with and who we are getting to know better every week. A couple of weeks ago we attended a Spring Equinox party at our local general store, a great new place committed to strengthening community ties. The surrounding streets are crawling with kids Egg’s size and other parents’ faces are becoming more and more familiar.

That original resolution was a valid one: I want to continue trying to find time away from my home with people I enjoy seeing. But as I work on that, it’s great being able to enjoy seeing lots of people close to home.

In lieu of more presence, more amazement

I would really feel great about myself if I could say that my kid never had to see me distracted by a screen. I really would. I’m not there yet, and while I don’t feel great about how distracted I can be I’m also coming to accept that it might not be the worst thing in the world.

Here’s the thing: while the bullshit marvels of the internet still pull at my mind like little fish hooks on a line, they have nothing on the marvels unfolding in front of my eyes every day. The last time I posted anything on this site Egg wouldn’t walk two steps on his own; now he zooms around the house like the Tasmanian Devil. He’s adding signs to his sign language vocabulary faster than the Kardashians can add instagram followers. He climbs the stairs with the grit and determination of a tiny sherpa, shoving the dog or cat out of the way like so many inconvenient yetis. Things with this kid have started moving so fast that it’s staggering, and I’m told that things are just starting up.

The screen distraction thing is what it is: a simple addiction. I’ll continue to work on it, but in the meantime I know that what’s unfolding in front of me is a million times better than those jerky little fishhooks.

Let the good times roll

Let the good times roll



Here’s a really good one for you: Aleister Crowley wrote “May the New Year bring you courage to break your resolutions early! My own plan is to swear off every kind of virtue, so that I triumph even when I fall!” While my 3 modest resolutions may be broken, the year seems to be off to a triumphant start all the same.


With a little surge of editorial diligence I decided to go back to my new year’s post and found that my original resolution was: More sleep! LMFAO LOL ROFL haha j/k maybe in 2017.

I have slept over 7 consecutive hours for the last 3 nights in a row! This kid has slept from 7pm – at least 7 am for like 5 of the past 7 nights. The one resolution that I laughed away is the one that I’m accomplishing 3 months later.

Killing 2016. KILING IT!

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